Pallet furniture is very intriguing to me for a few reasons. First, it’s always different and unique. Most of the time it’s made up of different types of wood all cut into different sizes. I love how it’s always uneven and far from perfect. Second, it’s free. If you take time to drive around town, you’ll notice a lot of pallets next to recycle bins or with signs on them that say “FREE”. Just make sure you do your research and learn what pallets are safe to use in your home.

Pallet Wine (or Beer) Rack Tutorial:

We grabbed a half pallet from the side of an office building and we got to work.

Pallet Wine Beer Rack Tutorial from
My husband first took the bottom of the pallet using a variety of tools (hammer, chisel, saw… it all depends on your pallet). He then made a cut across the 3 beams.

Pallet Wine Beer Rack Tutorial from
Next, he took an extra board off of the pallet and added it to the back of the wine rack. This specific pallet had huge gaps in it which were not very visually pleasing. Using another extra board, he attached it to the bottom of the rack to hold the wine (or beer) bottles up.
Pallet Wine Beer Rack Tutorial from
He then went through and secured each attachment with wood screws. Similar to how we finished the pallet coffee table, we sanded the wood with a very fine sandpaper then stained it with some leftover stain we had in the garage. We finished the wine rack with a few layers of polyurethane and a light sanding with fine grit sandpaper.

Pallet Wine Beer Rack from

Since I originally posted this project, it has had over 140K views and 90K pins! It’s amazing! What has also happened is our palate (as in tastebuds) have changed. Our popular Pallet Wine Rack is now our Pallet Beer Rack. It is stocked with our favorite 22oz bottles from all around.

Pallet Beer Wine Rack from

To date, this is one of our favorite projects we have completed. We were selling them on Etsy for quite a while but with a growing family, we have since stopped. This is an easy and fun project and we really encourage you to DIY! Let me know how yours turned out!